Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mandy tries to end it all

Lord Mandelson has told the BBC on The World This Weekend on Radio 4 that "This issue has been resolved and the public wants us to focus on their concerns"

Yea right.
The official Labour Party line now is "It has been sorted, Lets move on" one Labour insider told me.

One can only wait until Guido releases his new information on the ongoing SmearGate



  1. The official party line is more like 'You WILL move on, because we say so and we have absolute power!'

    They do still have absolute power........don't they??

  2. The Labour party has NO official line
    This is a Tory dirty trick to undermine good governance of Mr Brown

  3. I didn't hear it, but if by that comment he meant, 'Move on, nothing to see,' then Mandy doesn't get it.
    The issue hasn't been resolved (and hadn't even before Guido revealed that we can expect another installment later today).
    And the wider issues 'Smeargate' lights on certainly haven't been resolved.
    Anyway, who does he think he's kidding? This rotten government hasn't been focussing on the issues that matter to most of this people in this country for a long time. And considering the shambles they've made of the things they have attempted to 'focus' on over the past 12 years, it's probably for the best if they just sat back and do nothing from now until they get chucked out.

  4. The government is not rotten
    it has elevated those in the lostest tear of our soceity to the highest

    I have passed on the name of this blog to Dereck Draper, so expect alot more attention from the left from now on

  5. Cromwell, you can't even bring yourself to learn to spell his name can you. You fuckwit

  6. Is there any sort of moderation on this blog?
    The language is terrible

  7. I'm keeping a watch on your blog now as we have heard about you from one of our informants(nods to Cromwell). Mandy and the Beeb have said it's over so that's it. Now just keep paying your taxes to the state broadcaster and lapping up that government propaganda, or else....

  8. Jowell's Necky NuggetsSunday, April 19, 2009

    Cromwell. Do you type in a Northern Irish accent and are trying to tell us that you have "passed on Dolly"? I hope some went up his nose.

  9. The government is not rotten
    it has elevated those in the lostest (sic) tear (sic) of our soceity (sic)to the highest
    Oh really? So why is NuLabour stuffed to the gunnels with ex public schoolboys and boarding school gels? And why do their privileged offspring go to the best universities and and are shoehorned into safe Labour constituency seats?

    Pass the sickbag someone.

  10. Why would i type in a Northern Irish accent?

  11. Jowell's Necky NuggetsSunday, April 19, 2009

    Say "pissed" in a Belfast accent......"passed" see?

    I'll get me stoat.....

  12. ha ha ha
    I have actual sent the name of this blog to Mr Draper
    so on your heads be it

  13. Oh im scared Cromwell

  14. First time i have posted in a blog, followe a link from guido`s site to here, cromwell your a moron, who the hell is scared of a dipshit like draper? I`d love to meet him myself, any chance of you setting up a meet?
    And for christs sake, use either a spell check or get your sorry ass back to school (not that that will help you after labours total balls up of the education system)

  15. who posted the link
    I feel special =P
    I'm working on the spelling etc, but I'm only new to the game if political blogging, but Im used to reading them in my job

  16. Cromwell, you're still having sex with a furry glove aren't you.

  17. rob my comments were aimed at the moron cromwell :)