Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gurkhas Justice NOW

Phil Woolas, the immigration spokesman deserves a khurki knife in his neck.

Lousy good for nothing bastard!

<-- This is the man who has betrayed the most loyal sldiers evr to fight for our country.

These men never had any reason to fight for us, but in every major conflict the Gurkhas have been there. They have fought in Burma to Goose Green, Malaya to Iraq.

But yet this disgusting Labour Government will not let them settle.

The official settling critea is to have served 20 years, yet privates in the Gurkhas can only serve 15.

What sort of point is this bastard and Gordon trying to make by barring these brave men from our country?

We let in the man with the hook, who would like us all dead, we let in Somalis with no reason to be here and we dont even throw failed aslum seekers out

But when a few thousand Nepalese men ask to settle they are refused

Phil Woolas hang your head in shame!

I hope you are hit by a bus!

You Bastard!!!


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  1. I think that sums it up nicely?....