Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fishing Quotas

Th French fishermen are doing what the french do best, protesting

over what? fishing quotas in the English Channel

How much does france have of that quota? 77%

How much do we have? 7%

Why oh why?

It's our channel, notice the English in "English Channel" its not the French Channel. its ours!!!!

This is just another reason for us to pack our bags in starsbourg and leave. Maybe we can get back to having British people making the decisions about british problems?

Just A Thought

Thanks to Nigel Farage for the Info

Only Vote UKIP or Tory at EU ELections in JUNE!!!!

No To The EURO. STerling till we die


  1. This is Utter Divel

    This Labour Government has done wonders for us in Europe

  2. They're doubtless doing nicely out of it for themselves, but at the expense of 'we' the taxpayers.