Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gurkha Justice, the saga

Today in Parliament the Liberals tabled a staement on Gurkhas being allowed to stay in the UK.
This then won, thanks to the Liberals, Coservatives and a few Labour rebels

However the government has now come out with this statement

"Mr Speaker, this Government respects the will of the House of Commons. As the Prime Minister said today, this Government took the first action to provide justice for the Gurkhas and enable them to settle in the UK.
Under this Government, the first ever rights of settlement for Gurkhas in Britain have been granted, and 6,000 of them have applied successfully to settle in this country.
We have also introduced equal pay and pensions for the Gurkhas—something that had not happened previously.
We doubled the pensions of people staying in Nepal and increased the overall pension for Gurkhas, especially those at a senior age.
The guidance we introduced last week will increase the number of Gurkhas eligible to come to this country by 4,000 or, including families, about 10,000 people.
However we recognise the strong feeling on all sides of the House on this issue. As was recognised in the debate this afternoon, this is a complex issue with wide ranging implications. The cost of implementing the decision of the House of Commons could well run into billions of pounds. The Government also has an obligation to consider the precedent for future decisions on other immigration categories, and wider government policy. We cannot therefore responsibly or fairly rush into the formulation of new policy. We can and do commit to immediate action on individual cases, and are setting a clear timeframe for the next stage of our reform.
In light of the decision of the House, I am bringing forward the date for determination of the outstanding applications to the end of May. This will ensure that those who qualify under the guidelines now in force get confirmation of this as soon as possible. We will report to the House the outcome of this work.
And based on this work, and recognising the strong feeling of the House, we will come forward with proposals for the next stage of our reform of the rules, to ensure this Government continues to deliver a fair outcome for ex-Gurkhas and their families. We will publish this next stage before the Summer Recess.
I said in the House earlier today that we cannot foresee circumstances in which ex Gurkhas in the UK, who have served this country so well, would ever be removed from the UK. I can now say in addition that anyone whose case is considered under the current guidelines and does not qualify, whether in the UK or in Nepal, will not have that decision implemented pending the publication of the next stage of our reform.
The House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs has indicated its intention to conduct a hearing on this issue next week. I welcome that. In addition I will share our review of the applications with the Committee once completed.
We will consider the guidelines published last Friday in light of the decision of the House today and will bring forward proposals based on the experience of our consideration of the outstanding applications."

Once again Phil Woolas, spineless bastard that he is

Any comment?


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gurkhas Justice NOW

Phil Woolas, the immigration spokesman deserves a khurki knife in his neck.

Lousy good for nothing bastard!

<-- This is the man who has betrayed the most loyal sldiers evr to fight for our country.

These men never had any reason to fight for us, but in every major conflict the Gurkhas have been there. They have fought in Burma to Goose Green, Malaya to Iraq.

But yet this disgusting Labour Government will not let them settle.

The official settling critea is to have served 20 years, yet privates in the Gurkhas can only serve 15.

What sort of point is this bastard and Gordon trying to make by barring these brave men from our country?

We let in the man with the hook, who would like us all dead, we let in Somalis with no reason to be here and we dont even throw failed aslum seekers out

But when a few thousand Nepalese men ask to settle they are refused

Phil Woolas hang your head in shame!

I hope you are hit by a bus!

You Bastard!!!


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Todays Budget

Alistair Darling today delivered what will almost certianly be his last budget in power.

It was however not a pleasent budget.

He increased the tax on those on middle incomes, the back bon of our economy

For God' sake we have the worst Ecomony in the G20, Thanks Gordon!

And this recession is the worst since the war, thanks again Gordon

SO what do you think of Darlings Budget?


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Budget Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Chancellor will take his ill-fated walk to the preverbial gallows. He will take that battered breifcase to Labours doom

The Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne has described it as Labours "day of reckoning"
Well we'll just have to sit back, relax and watch how much Mr Darling has destroyed our economy, but never forget he is but the glove-puppet of Gordon, Mr Mayhem himself.

Will the Budget be better than we expected?

Or will Darling tell us all we will be paying back his debt until 2150?

We'll have to see

Monday, 20 April 2009

Labour's attempts at political blogging

This is the frankly laughable attempt from the Labour Party to set up "independant" blogs. The right have been miles ahead in this field woth highly sucessful blogs such as Iain Dale's Diary, Conservative Home and ofcourse Guido Fawkes
The only really sucessful left wing blog is LabourList. Incidently never visit LabourList as Derek Draper actually counts the hits as they come in, I am reliably told!

Here a snippet of the Labour Party memo, sent on Novemember 21st 2008, on setting up "independant" blogs :

"We need to build a Labour version of Conservativehome – labourlist. This will feature regular contributors like Luke Akehurst, Ben Wegg-Prosser and Spencer Livermore, alongwith irregular “big-name” contributors such as (hopefully!) Neil Kinnock, David Blunkett and Philip Gould.
We need a high profile, well-written, media savvy blog to rival Iain Dales – he gets 70,000 readers a month, more than the Spectator, and is increasingly influential.
We also need to encourage and resource more people to blog and post in support of the party. This requires some bascic organisation of existing bloggers and the activation of old stalwarts like Simon Buckby, Ed Owen and David Clark."

To read the full version follow this link:

Draft New Media Presentation



Anyone like to submit me an article?
There is no moderation so what ever you send me will be published

ALL posts will be published

If you do email me at


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Be proud to be British!

David Cameron has said that when, note when not if, the Conservatives win the next election they will bring the pride back to Downing Street and these Great Islands

Under Labour being proud of being British was nearly a crime!
We can never talk about our colourful heritage!
Why does no one talk of the great thing the British Empire did for the world ?
Or the great things Britan is yet to do?

Any up for a debate on Colonialism or Imperial?

Could pass the time,
Maybe some of you could invite your Lefty buddys for a real debate?


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Guido Banned and McBride Removed

Minutes before Guido appeared on the Daily Politics today the BBC received a formal complaint about Guidos impending appearance from the Labour Party

On another note there are reports from McBrides own local Labour Party, even his own Party doesn't want him

Watch guido on the Daily Politics today on the BBC
Very Good


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Sunday, 19 April 2009

First Weekend

Can I start by thanking everyone who has supported this site in it's fledgling weekend.
We have had over 500 views in our first few days!

Unlike Guido or Iain Dale I actually have a job, so I will not be taking an active part in this blog between the hours of 0900 and 1700 during the week

Thank You Again

Rob and all the Team

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European Election Poll

The poll on the right of the blog has a clear winner at this point
the Conservatives are on 68%
While Labour are on 1%

That means only one visitor to this site actually supports the Labour Party, bit of a wakeup call Gordon?


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Mandy tries to end it all

Lord Mandelson has told the BBC on The World This Weekend on Radio 4 that "This issue has been resolved and the public wants us to focus on their concerns"

Yea right.
The official Labour Party line now is "It has been sorted, Lets move on" one Labour insider told me.

One can only wait until Guido releases his new information on the ongoing SmearGate

The sunday times is reporting that Ed Balls runs his own smear operation within the Labour Party
An insider i spoke to described it as "an operation within an operation at Number 10 that answers directly to Balls"

Incidently Guido is hinting on his blog of some great new revealation for us.
Hopefully it will involve Gordon and his reign of terror will finally end


Saturday, 18 April 2009

What the Telegraph has to say about Guido

The Daily Telegraph has published an article on the subject of Mr Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes.

As you will find after you have read it, the Telegraph has betrayed its core readership. It has taken to towing the Labour Governments line.

When Guido went to the Telegraph with his scoop on Damein McBride, what di they paper do. It didn't publish the story. It went straight to Downing Street and grassed him up!
Not just did they break reporter - source confidentiality but they actaul went to the government a wrote a story the government fed to them.

This is not the first such incident where the Telegraph has towed the Labour line instead of their own.
Surely there must be some right thinking people in that paper still?


European Election Poll

There's a very clear winner emerging for who will win the most seats in the European Elections in June poll.
but that could all change

Does no one think Labour or the LibDems will win then?

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Friday, 17 April 2009

Caption Competition

This is my version of Guido's Caption Competition
What is Mr McBride saying?
Any Thoughts?

Stazi State

Stazi State
Stazi State Councils in England and Wales are going to have their power to spy on us reduced, the BBC are reporting.
Its a joke that a council has the right to raid our rubbish, follow us on camera and actually spy on us
Just another chance for the governement to spy on us, Stazi STATE

Atleast it appears the governments various other attempt to destroy our pesronal libertys have actually failed

42 day detention, thank god for the House of Lords

What ever happened to ID cards


Conservative Home have a very interesting story on how Mr Damein Green would like his DNA Back, have a look*


Thursday, 16 April 2009

European Election

Although we shouldn't be In Europe we are.

So with the elections coming up in June I'd like to know what your thinking people will get
The major partys in Europe are;

Green Party
Conservative Party
Labour Party
Lib Dems

Any predictions?

P.S. Could you all please link this to all your friends as I'm trying to get this blog going and therefor need a good, robust readership that aren't afraid of a bit of debate
Thanks you

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Draper Denies any connection to McBride

Dereck Draper, the man who runs the Labour Party funded left wing blog labourlist denied any connection to Damein McBride the man who set him up to smear various high profile conservative mps

Watch the last minute of this youtube video and send on

Fishing Quotas

Th French fishermen are doing what the french do best, protesting

over what? fishing quotas in the English Channel

How much does france have of that quota? 77%

How much do we have? 7%

Why oh why?

It's our channel, notice the English in "English Channel" its not the French Channel. its ours!!!!

This is just another reason for us to pack our bags in starsbourg and leave. Maybe we can get back to having British people making the decisions about british problems?

Just A Thought

Thanks to Nigel Farage for the Info

Only Vote UKIP or Tory at EU ELections in JUNE!!!!

No To The EURO. STerling till we die

DraperGate Rumbles On

Mr Guido FAwkes, God Bless him, is reporting that the Gus O'Donnell is ruling out an investigation into Daimein McBrides conduct

Governments an absolute DISGRACE. Cover up after cover up

CAsh for Questions

Cash for Peerages

Cash for Laws

Sending Lord Ahmed back from prison without serving his sentence, even though he KILLED someone, on Christmas day!!!


Charlie Wheelan

Mr wheelan who was one of those copied in on mr mcbride email disgrace has said he is the subject of "dirty" Tory trick

very funny Charlie
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Damein Green

Guido Fawkes and BBC reporting that Damein Green the torys immigration spokesman is not going to be charged

At least the government aren't leaning on the CPS like they usually do as in < Cash For Peerages> or Lord Ahmeds murder charge!

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