Monday, 20 April 2009

Labour's attempts at political blogging

This is the frankly laughable attempt from the Labour Party to set up "independant" blogs. The right have been miles ahead in this field woth highly sucessful blogs such as Iain Dale's Diary, Conservative Home and ofcourse Guido Fawkes
The only really sucessful left wing blog is LabourList. Incidently never visit LabourList as Derek Draper actually counts the hits as they come in, I am reliably told!

Here a snippet of the Labour Party memo, sent on Novemember 21st 2008, on setting up "independant" blogs :

"We need to build a Labour version of Conservativehome – labourlist. This will feature regular contributors like Luke Akehurst, Ben Wegg-Prosser and Spencer Livermore, alongwith irregular “big-name” contributors such as (hopefully!) Neil Kinnock, David Blunkett and Philip Gould.
We need a high profile, well-written, media savvy blog to rival Iain Dales – he gets 70,000 readers a month, more than the Spectator, and is increasingly influential.
We also need to encourage and resource more people to blog and post in support of the party. This requires some bascic organisation of existing bloggers and the activation of old stalwarts like Simon Buckby, Ed Owen and David Clark."

To read the full version follow this link:

Draft New Media Presentation



  1. Surely its better to help build up the Labour Group sites that are there already. I can think of at least three off the top of my head. Bloggers4Labour, Labourhome, and Labour Matters. I can even get you in touch with the moderators of each site!

  2. Really?
    Could you email me their contact details?

  3. Will forward your request on