Saturday, 12 September 2009

EU visit Zimbabwe/Rhodesia

The EU have sent a delegation to visit Mr Mugabe in Harare, but why

The Eu obviously think that theres nothing Mugabe likes more than a collection of white comiong to inspect his country
he may not like it, but he certainly cant govern it

did ian smith do a better job
i would say yes
his government struggles through twenty years of abhorrent guerilla warfare and almost complete isolation

But why are the EU visiting such a corrupt country, the powersharing government has failed even though they will not admit it thanks to Zanu PF arranging Mrs Tsvangirai's wife

but then this is nothing new
the eu obviously likes to support left wing autocracys
they are the biggest supporters of the Gaza strip run by Hamas, a recognised terrorist group.

They supported the IRA/ SinnFein and continue to secretly support republican terrorists in NOrthern Ireland

This alll adds us to one simple statement
the EU is morally corrupt

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